Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase these Kittens

To enable you to purchase a kitten, all you have to do is to go to the available Kitten section and have a look at the kittens we have available and make a choice on the one you want.

After making your choice, click on the ‘Buy me now’ link there and you will be redirected to our contact us page where a form will be given to you.

However, the cause of death should be certified. The failure to provide your kitten with regular veterinary care or timely inoculations will make this guarantee void.

All you need do is fill out the form with the required information and then submit, we will surely get back to you as soon as possible with your desired kitten.



A majority of our clients have plenty of inquiries on the shipping process of our kittens. Often the questions asked by a majority of people is whether the shipping process works or is it safe. Here is how our shipping process works.

The process of shipping a kitten is quite easy

Although shipping a kitten to a new location by itself sounds embarrassing and cruel, but in actual sense, the shipping process is quite easy for kitten than it may be for us. With the over 8 years’ worth of experience, I know for sure that the kittens are well cared for during the entire shipping process. The airlines cannot mistreat the kittens for fear of customer dissatisfaction and lawsuits. To make the feeding and shipping process of the kittens easy, I tape the feeding instructions and the kitten(S) food at the top of the crate and include frozen water in the cage. This ensures that the kittens have food and water throughout the entire journey.

What do the kittens eat?

Our kittens eat Nutri Source small/medium breed Chicken and Rice kitten. This a 4-star quality kibble that is sold in plenty of vet stores and vet clinics. We also suggest the use of quality vitamin-2. We also fed the kittens on dry kitten food supply. When it comes to their feeding routines, we often recommend feeding them in the morning and the evening as this will help you monitor when your kitten needs to go to the potty.

Start with 1 to 2 cups of food and constantly increase the amount, if the kitten cleans up the plate regularly

General airline Requirements

1. The cat must be at least 8 weeks 4 days old

2. Must be accompanied with a veterinarian Health/Acclimation Certificate

3. Some airlines have restrictions for temperature and will check destination and arrival flight temperature forecasts.

Cost of Shipping via airline

1. veterinarian Health/Acclimation Certificate Approx

2. Cost of Travel Kennel (depends on size of crate)

3. Airfreight is determined by the weight of the cat and the weight/size of the Crate (Larger/heavier and older cats can cost more)


If you decide to have a Kitten shipped to you, we will need the following information: . Your full name, that you have I.D. for, you will need to show this at the airport cargo desk when you pick up your Kitten

2. The full name of someone else who also has I.D., as a “back up’ person for pickup so they can pick up your Kitten, if, in case of an emergency you are unable.

3. Your physical address, it cannot be a post office box

4. Phone numbers that you can easily be reached at, preferably at least two numbers.

5. The name of the COUNTY that you live in

6. The name of the airport that you prefer your Kitten to arrive at, and the name of an optional airport

7. What Kitten you are interested in.